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Each customer and their equipment  should be treated with care and consideration.  He is a qualified

Unlike most repair shops that process repairs in a chronological order, at Phototronic equipment is repaired on an as needed basis, thus avoiding completed  equipment sitting on the shelf waiting to be picked up, while needed equipment goes un-repaired

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Repairing -- Classic and Vintage Cameras, Digital Cameras, Lenses, Camcorders, All eras of Photographic Equipment and Vintage Audio Visual Equipment

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A few tips on DIY maintenance and repair of some of the elegantly engineered classic and vintage cameras still in use and viable. 

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Due to an unmanageable volume of emails the email address is not listed. Please call between the posted customer hours so that you might have your questions pertaining to the repair of your equipment answered.  If you decide to send equipment you are interested in getting repaired via a shipper or you drop equipment off personally you will then be supplied a contact email for your convenience.

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